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Finally seen it in 3D

And, yes, it is way more impressive in 3D. It's not gimmicky, like some 3D toons. It gives that world real depth.

Though I'm not into much modern pop, now I can't get Shakira out of my head. So, here's the official video:

Finally, I'd love to see the technology they must have to produce the different climate controlled neighborhoods/zones within the city.


Check out my new Zootopia Tumblr blog! There's so much amazing fanart out there, and I'm trying to collect all the best of my favorite characters and scenes.

http://zootopian-deer.tumblr.com/archive (to see everything at once)

Some posts do contain spoilery material, though, so you might want to wait to look at it until after you've seen the film. Enjoy!

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